Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage

The pre and post-natal  time of a woman’s life is one of the greatest opportunities to nurture  herself. It is one of those times that can become stressful or uncomfortable,  if you neglect to honor yourself in this unique stage of life. Every  woman looks back on this time in her life. Why not make the memories  fond?

Take the cue from your body if you  are starting to feel stressed or uncomfortable. Massage is one of the  best ways to combat stress, discomfort, or just simply nurture yourself.

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Prenatal Massage: This specialized massage can be done at any stage of pregnancy. Prenatal  Massage is done with the mommy-to-be laying on her side. Special  pillows are used to bolster her as needed so that she will be as comfortable  as possible. The benefits of prenatal massage may include:

  • Reduction in swelling (edema)   in the extremities
  • Promote relaxation for both   mommy and baby (yes, in the womb)
  • Relieve sore muscles that   sometimes accompany pregnancy
  • Improve circulation
  • Encourage more restful sleep
  • Improve Posture
  • Help you become more aware   of your changing body
  • Help with labor

Prenatal Massage is not only beneficial  to the mommy-to-be, but is helpful to the baby as well! I know it may  sound strange, but the baby can feel it too! The mother’s and the  baby’s nervous systems are intertwined and the baby will feel the  mother relax.

Postnatal Massage:  Massage after birth can greatly enhance healing and relaxation for the  new mom. Benefits may include:

  • Helping to move fluids and   reduce swelling that may have occurred during pregnancy
  • Helping to prevent post-partum   depression
  • Rebalance the body structure   and posture
  • Helps to release stress   and negative emotions

If you want or need to bring your new  baby to your massage session with you that is perfectly acceptable,  as there are ways to position you and your baby so that you may still  receive a relaxing massage.