Client Reviews

A few Testimonials from our loyal long-time clients….

“I look forward to each session… very relaxing and beneficial to my health!”-Sue Anders

“I feel like melted butter when Elizabeth has finished the session”-Sandee

“I want to thank Elizabeth for her ‘healing touch’. She is a skilled, caring, kind, and patient healer.”-Executive Client

“A very pleasant and gentle therapy, with good results. I would recommend Creative Healing to anyone.”-John (from Billings, MT)

“Excellent therapy, good atmosphere.”-Mildred Craig

“Elizabeth’s very presence is calming and comforting.”-Cara Virostko

“Elizabeth has an energy that is so beautiful and pure. I found it so easy to relax and be present with her in my first session!”–Cindy Lou Smith

“Elizabeth successfully integrated several healing modalities into our sessions to address my health concerns. She is both skilled and intuitive.”–LeeAnne S.

“I appreciate Elizabeth’s ability to use her innate instincts to detect what my body needs to maintain a natural healing process.”-Ronda


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